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Ideas for Scrapbooking A Favorite Personal Indulgence

Scrapbooking a little personal indulgence that you give yourself is FUN. First: you indulge. Second: you take a fun photo of that indulgence. Third, you relive the indulgence as you spend time with its memory making a page that doesn’t require getting lots of photos onto the canvas or coming up with extensive journaling or […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking Your Goals

Writing down your goals makes it more likely you’ll achieve them. We’ve got ideas for recording current goals on your scrapbook pages.  Marie-Pierre Capistran says, “Usually, when I set goals, I think of 10 different things, but I get nothing out of it because it’s just too many and I can’t focus. This time I decided […]

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Using Round-ups on Your Scrapbook Pages

Collecting related photos onto one page achieves several things: it allows you to see both the “trees” and the “forest” it reveals the patterns in your life over time it is a great way to scrapbooking more photos efficiently A trend isn’t a trend until it’s been happening for a while, and you don’t always […]

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Scrapbooking Your Goals for 2011

By Amy Kingsford Every year around this time, we find ourselves making resolutions, setting goals and exploring changes to better our everyday lives.  Upon researching the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions made each year, I noted that many of the goals below seemed to always make the list.  And believe it or not, you can […]

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Scrapbooking past times: online resources for jogging your memory

by Debbie Hodge spurring your memory for scrapbooking past times Are you ready to scrapbook your younger years, but unable to remember specific details? Maybe you’re working on “all about me” pages or a “book of me” and just trying to get scrapbook page subject ideas by remembering incidents. The first few lessons in our Scrapbook […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #11: Routines

consider yourself: How Do YOU Do It? Look to your behavior to find material for scrapping yourself: Begin with your habits and routines around daily life—from what you like for breakfast to a look at the errands you run regularly. Chart out a typical day. Think about how long it’s gone this way, what it […]

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