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Motivated to Scrapbook | Amanda Robinson Uses Die Cuts to Personalize Her Pages

As a long time scrapbooker, Amanda Robinson has always been interested in die cutting.  It was when she bought her Silhouette that die-cutting as she knew it was transformed. Now Amanda uses die cuts on almost every page, teaches people how to get the most our of their die cutting machines and creates custom die […]

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Sian Fair Makes Scrapbook Layouts with Charming Details | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

Sian Fair has been making scrapbook layouts with charming details as far back as she can remember, perhaps without even thinking about it, but today she’ll share more about why and how she incorporates charm on her pages.  Sians’s cool thing right now is adding charming details to her scrapbook pages.   Sian says, “I […]

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Anna Aspnes Tells Her Own Story on Scrapbook Layouts | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

Anna Aspnes has been making scrapbook layouts for over a decade. Scrapbooking pages about herself has got Anna excited about scrapbooking lately. Anna’s cool thing right now is challenging herself to capture her own story on her scrapbook pages. Anna Aspnes says, “I have been scrapbooking for over a decade and have many albums which […]

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Marie-Pierre Capistran Creates Scrapbook Layout Mood with Watercolors | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

  Marie-Pierre’s cool thing right now is using watercolors to create a soft and dreamy look in her pages. Marie-Pierre became interested in watercolors long before she took up memory keeping, so incorporating this skill in her scrapbook pages felt natural.     Marie-Pierre says, “I’ve always been interested in watercolor. The soft and dreamy […]

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Krista Sahlin Rocks Taped Texture on Scrapbook Layouts | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

  Krista’s cool thing right now is using tape to add texture to her digital pages. Krista has found that tape is a quick and easy way to add dimension and give her pages a realistic look.  She enjoys reworking this in many of  her pages. Krista says, “One of the things I love about […]

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Sue Althouse Uses Bold Colors and Patterns on Scrapbook Layouts | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

    Sue’s cool thing right now is using bold colors and patterns on her scrapbook pages.  Sue says, “I’ve always been drawn to colorful objects and bold patterns. I like to dress in bright, happy colors and add colorful accents to my home decor.” “When I started scrapbooking, I discovered online classes where I […]

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Amy Kingsford Makes 8.5″ x 11″ Scrapbook Layouts | Motivated to Scrapbook

Amy Kingsford recently moved from making scrapbook layouts on a 12″ x 12″ square canvas to using the 8.5 x 11″ format. Amy’s cool thing right now is making 8.5″ x 11″ pages Scrapbooking on an 8.5″ x 11″ canvas isn’t exactly a new concept, but, says Amy, “it was definitely one that I had […]

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Christy Strickler Creates with Everyday Materials | Motivated to Scrapbook Series

Christy’s cool thing right now is crafting with everyday materials Christy Strickler began using everyday materials out of necessity: living in an area where it’s difficult to get scrapbook supplies and being on a budget inspired her to start searching for alternatives.   Christy says, “”For a long time, I thought I could only use […]

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