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How to come up with scrapbook page titles from sayings, quotes, titles, famous lines & lyrics

by Debbie Hodge Making the connections Discovering a movie title, a line from a song, a well-known phrase, or a lesser-known and eloquent line of poetry that connects your photos to their story is always satisfying. The following are ideas (and even a technique) for coming up with scrapbook titles that give your layouts extra […]

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Make Your Own Paper Scrapbook Page Embellishments with Digital Products

by Paula Gilarde Don’t have the right embellishment for your page? Use Photoshop (or even Word if you’re handy with its drawing features) to create shapes, then add color and text for a custom embellishment you can print, trim, and mount on your paper scrapbook page On “Fair” I used digital brushes to make the […]

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