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5 Details to Lift for Your Own Scrapbook Pages

by Debbie Hodge Sometimes it takes just one detail to spark inspiration for an entire page. Here are five scrapbook page details  that recently caught my eye. Which one will you try? 1. Outline alphas, embellishments, photos –even the details in a photo– with black pen. Layout by Keandra Willis Layout by Keandra Willis Keandra Willis likes […]

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How to find scrapbook page ideas | 6 approaches and 50 links

by Debbie Hodge When I want to sit down and scrapbook but I haven’t preplanned, I need scrapbook page ideas — I need quick ideas. I’ve found these ideas comes from 6 general sources for me: product, technique, design, page elements, topic prompts, and outside inspiration. 1. Do something new with scrapbooking product. 7 ideas […]

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5 composition approaches to try on your scrapbook pages

by Debbie Hodge Wondering how to add a little something different to the next scrapbook page you make? Try building a page based upon one of these five ideas. 1. Incorporate a curved line into your composition Dina Wakley says, “Continuance is a Gestalt principle that means that our brains like to follow lines. When […]

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How to apply inspiration from Vincent van Gogh to your art journal pages.

by Dina Wakley Using Brushstrokes Inspired by van Gogh Van Gogh’s directional brushstrokes are a visual force. What you don’t realize about van Gogh’s work until you stand in front of it at a museum is that the paintings are more than just visual. They have a tangible texture that moves the eye. They have […]

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