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Meme Trends and Old Photos

by Tami Taylor Richard Dawkins originated the concept of “meme” (short for the Greek mimeme, “to imitate”) as a way to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. He cited melodies, catch-phrases, and fashion as memes. With current technology, memes now take the form of images, videos, and hashtags. These memes are passed electronically […]

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Ideas for Using Subway Art on Your Scrapbook Pages

Blocked arrangements of related words or quotations rendered in multiple fonts are a trendy look. Called “subway art” for its relationship to typographic art created on subway walls, this trend is fueled by the ready availability of fonts and printing capabilities. DIY-ers are decorating their homes with subway art. Bloggers are providing free printable subway […]

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Use Geometric Shapes on Your Scrapbook Pages For Interest, Stability, and Energy

To explain a recent passion for geometrics in home decor and fashion, decorator Linda Edwards says, “After seeing lots of big, bold, excessive florals and ruffles in the 80s and 90s, people now want to go for a more uncomplicated, modern, streamlined look.” Take a look at scrapbook page galleries recently and you’ll see lots of […]

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Talk Bubbles are a Trendy Motif Perfect for the Scrapbook Page

Social media, mobile phones, and instant-message hangouts have made virtual chatting a part of daily life for many of us. As a result, talk/speech bubbles are a trendy motif on posters, in advertising, on scrapbook pages, and even at weddings as “photo-booth” props. This motif is a handy one for scrapbook pages. Use it for […]

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Ideas for Using Menswear-Inspired Patterns on Your Scrapbook Pages

by Debbie Hodge Fashion designers, home decorators, wedding designers, crafters, and even manicurists are creating with menswear-inspired prints. Pinstripe, chevron, herringbone, and houndstooth are classic patterns that can stand the test of time — and they do a great job of mixing with other patterns. Try these  timeless patterns on your scrapbook pages. Houndstooth The houndstooth […]

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Breaking the Old Rules and Using Clashing Print Patterns

by Debbie Hodge Matchy-matchy is out in fashion this year, and clashing patterns are in. Eclectic looks made with a mashup of prints–think leopard with floral and stripes–have been filling the runways. This is just one of the trends we’ve highlighted at Masterful Scrapbook Design this month, and the Get It Scrapped Creative Team was […]

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Ideas for Scrapbooking with 2012’s Trendiest Shape: the Hexagon

Moving out of a period in which florals and ruffles were popular for fashion and home decor, geometric shapes provide an uncomplicated and modern look. Hexagons go a step past basic squares and circles to present a shape that’s interesting to arrange and present. Hexagons are meaning neutral and work with a range of scrapbook […]

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