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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with the Family Tree Motif

The family tree motif has been used to represent lineage since the  biblical Book of Isaiah used it to detail Christ’s ancestors originating from Jesse of Bethlehem. Visual depictions of this Tree of Jesse can be seen rendered on stained windows, carvings, and illuminated manuscripts. Today this motif endures both for practical and decorative use. The tree, its […]

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5 Motif Ideas for the Scrapbook Page

We frequently share scrapbooking ideas about the use of patterns and motifs at Get It Scrapped. Here’s a closer look at five recent motif articles. Follow the links below to team members’ personal blogs and youtube channels where you can see extended technique, storytelling, and product details about layouts accompanying these motif articles.   1. Scrapbook Page […]

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Scrapbook Page Inspiration and Storytelling Ideas from an Unexpected Motif: Wing Detail | Get It Scrapped

Scrapbook Page Inspiration and Storytelling Ideas from an Unexpected Motif: Wing Detail

Scrapbook page inspiration can come from many sources including both nature and art. For this piece, our team is taking inspiration from something that occurs readily in both stylized and natural forms: wing detail (see our pinboard). What’s more this motif is something that can trigger meaning both from its concrete connections (think: butterflies in […]

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Scrapbook Page Techniques for Linocut Looks

Get the look of hand-crafted art with scrapbook page techniques for linocut looks. Linocut refers to a printing technique in which a design is cut from linoleum and then inked and pressed to the page. The Get It Scrapped Creative Team took inspiration from this collection of linocuts on Pinterest and then took their own […]

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Scrapbook Page Storytelling with the Modern Nautical Style

Scrapbook Page Storytelling with the Modern Nautical Style

Modern nautical styling is trendy and perfect for summer, beach and water-themed scrapbook page storytelling. Nautical styling is a timeless look. Today, though, a nautical look doesn’t mean including red, white and blue. Rather, the “modern nautical” trend uses color, pattern, motif, and texture evocative of water and the beach. Take a look at the modern […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with Retro Tech Motifs

“Retro tech” motifs, images of the technologies of our past, make great complements to scrapbook page storytelling, both for the nostalgic feelings they trigger and for their representation of story. Because technology changes so rapidly, items now considered dated and even quaint might have been an exciting life-changer for you just a few years ago. […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Using and Making Your Own Bokeh Prints

Below are scrapbooking ideas for using premade Bokeh prints on your layouts and how-tos for making your own Bokeh prints with copic ink, digital brushes, and photography. A popular photography goal in recent years is to achieve a successful Bokeh effect, in other words to take a photo in which out-of-focus points of light are rendered […]

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Scrapbook Layout Designs Inspired by Woodland Scenes

Woodland motifs–like acorns, deer, owl, fox, forest scenes, and stag–are great for scrapbook layout designs of outdoor scenes, holidays, and child play. There’s plenty of woodland inspiration to be found in decor, storybooks, stationery, and even fashion. The scrapbook pages here look to more than the motifs for inspiration — rather, they pull from the […]

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