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Leveraging Scrapbooking masteries

Digi Stefanie


Stefanie Semple 2015

Leveraging Scrapbooking masteries

  • After my Mother's mini strokes, we had her living with us for a while, until we found a place that we could imagine her being happy in. Onze Molen was that place for us, but not yet really for her.
  • I find it easy to choose a variety of photos to tell my story, a great mini print serves as a background while picking colours from the photos for a unified feel, I stuck with one kit to decrease my choices and speed up my process. Word art replaces a title, the turmoil in my heart making a catchy title not easy or fun to come up with. DJB Constance Beauregard a fun hand writing font to add that personal touch, with a few flowers for that feminine and home away from home feel. 
  • Time has a way by Stefanie Semple. Kimeric Kreations: Then and Now Collection