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Stalled Project

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Stefanie Semple 2015

Stalled Project

  • I was really fired up, enthusiastic and determined to do a Document your December last year and I made it all the way through to the 25th and then stalled.
  • Christmas Day didn't turn out as I had hoped. The middle child had been gaming all night and was uncompliant. Then a bad accident on the freeway meant that a trip to collect my Mom, that should have taken an hour there and back, took almost double that. So I was very frustrated and the photos show my lack of the festive spirit. I struggle to scrapbook the less than happy moments of our lives, preferring to pretend they don't exist. However the passage of time allows me to see the funny side of things and to get even the challenging stories told.
  • Instead of starting with the photos and the story like I normally would, I started with a really cute kit that I wanted to work with. The little bird all tangled up with the lights represented my feelings of frustration and made it easy for the page to come together. I will often scrapbook backwards, so from working with December 2015 photos I found it easier to go back to 2014 and got this layout done. 
  • 25th by Stefanie Semple. LJS Designs: Christmas in the Country; Little Butterfly Wings: Xmas doodles DYD 2014,  Pink Reptile Designs: Mark the Date.