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I Can't Feel My Toes by Jennifer Kellogg | Supplies: Scotty Girl Design: Frosted Kit; Mommyish: Shadow Styles; Font: Avenir.


I use Pinterest all the times to save layouts that catch my eye. Usually there is some element of the design I want to try. I save these in my Layouts board. Get It Scrapped has a TON of boards for inspiration. The Pin Board I used for inspiration was Bursts 



Pinterest is a gold mine for scrappers! You can get design ideas from book covers, to posters, to pottery, to the pattern on a rug. And you can find all these things on Pinterest. 


I chose this Pin as my inspiration: 



I've seen a lot of pages that use the burst pattern as the entire background. But I was intrigued by the burst being framed on this page. I used a photo as my burst pattern. It is the crown of a Yucca Tree covered in snow. 


This layout is about a huge snow storm we had in New Mexico. It was a record breaker!

    I love the idea of using the yucca as a "burst" pattern. Very clever (and very effective)

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