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(Easter-Egg) Nod to Celebrity/Fad

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(Easter-Egg) Nod to Celebrity/Fad

Not the Plaza by Jennifer Kellogg | Supplies: Simply Tiffany Studios: Spring Pack One Template; Mommyish: New York State of Mind Kit, Gold Foil Styles, Shadow Styles; Traci Reed: A Future So Bright Alpha; Font: American Typewriter. (GIS 2015-02-21)
This page is about our trip to New York for college visits. It "nods" to the current scrapbook trend of scraping about books!
The story is all about how terrible our hotel was. When I was little "New York" was where Eloise lived. My mom and I loved Eloise by Kay Thompson. In Eloise's world New York is elegant and sophisticated. Our hotel was neither of these things. This page brings together my memories from reading the book with our experiences at the hotel. 
I placed a very small picture of the book cover on the page. I used colors in the layout that are similar to the colors on the book jacket.  

    Jenn-love the red framing around the focal photo and the red in the right corner. I like how there are sprinklings of red--in the I love NY paper. Really nice.

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