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#90729 Calvinball: Stats (2015)

Posted by Celeste on 26 February 2015 - 08:31 AM



269Scrappy Points!

584 Other Points


258 layouts

20 cards = 10 pts


March 15th and here come the Other Points:


Calvinball Team Building Points:

1. leave comments on 10 Calvinball layouts = 1 point  (caught up to merry christmas)

2. leave comments on 5 Calvinball blogs = 1 point


Calvinball Publicity Points: (once per week)

1. Blogging

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Pinterest



Scrappy Challenge Bonus Points:

1. Using a GIS template

2. Focus on the journaling

3. Scrap why you scrapbook

4. Scraplift a Calvinball gallery page

5. 3+ photos on a page

6. Scrap yourself

7. Use Christmas product on a non-Christmas page

8. Use Thanksgiving product on a birthday page

9. Scrap food

10. March Stencil Challenge

11. Inspired by MSD or Scrapbook Coach Class

12. Inspired by a GIS blog post

13. Use new product (bought in 2015)

14. Use old unopened product (bought prior to 2015)

15. Using St. Patrick's Day product/motifs

16. Getting at least 3 pages from one kit

17. Take a photo specifically for Calvinball

18. Scrap a photo the same day you take it

19. Scrap with product the same day you buy it

20. Make a Calvin and Hobbes/Calvinball reference on a page

21. Using a FB, Blog, Instagram, or Twitter post as journaling

22. Using a map on a page

23. Using the "snuggle and separate" principle

24. Use a typewriter or typewriter font

25. Make a companion page for another LO

26. Use a black and white or sepia toned photo

27. Use a comic strip on a page

28. use right and left aligned journaling on the same page

29. make a photoless layout

30. do a then and now layout (example photos of your child as a toddler and as a high school grad)

31. tell an old story (that you do not have a photo for) with a recently taken photo

32. use handwritten journaling

33. use song lyrics, poems, or a toast on a page

34. use the same product two different ways on a page

35. use all warm colors

36. use all cool colors

37. finishing journaling on old pages (4 pages = 1 point)

38. scrap a photo you stole from your kid's social media or social media in general

39. scrap some memorabilia

40. create something for a holiday that is still six months away

41. use your scrappy tools/supplies to make something for work or a friend

42. use washi tape to make patterned paper

43. use product packaging in your creation

44. make your title with mixed up fonts (use leftover fonts to piece it together)

45. Create a layout where the embellishment is the focal point.

46. using more than one template or sketch on a single page

47. using a cutout element on your page

48. using scraps of paper in a creative way on your page

49. Finish a Class

50. use glitter!

51. use pp only (no cs)

52. use cs only (no pp)

53. product confirmed produced prior to 2010.  a rare double pointer!

54. topic a memorial page or someone who inspires you

55. topic a current event

56. try something new in your scrapping. A technique, product, tool, photo editing/treatment

57. using PL cards on a layout

58. fussy cutting

59. journaling with bad words

60. use something off your archaic product hoarders list.




1. Scanning old photos = 1 point (awarded weekly)

2. Purging supplies = 1 point (awarded weekly)

3. Printing photos or digital pages = 1 point (awarded weekly) 1

4. Scrap away from home = 1 point (awarded weekly)

5. Process videos created and posted during Calvinball = 1 point

6. Putting layouts in albums = 1 point for every 10 layouts (awarded weekly) 10

7. Go a whole week without buying something new (1 point awarded weekly)

8. downloading and using a new font (1 point awarded weekly) 1

9. participating in a non-calvinball challenge (1 point if calvinball is mentioned on the challenge site)

10. driving to an event/destination specifically to take photos to scrapbook (1 point awarded weekly)

11. doing housework during calvinball (1 point awarded weekly) 1

12. using a kit all the way up until it is gone, gone, GONE! (1 point awarded weekly) 1

13. read a book during calvinball (1 point awarded weekly) 1

14. send a scrappy creation to someone via snail mail

15. crafting with children (1 point awarded weekly)


Random one time only points:

1. Newbie = 2, Return player = 1

2. Listen the Digital HQ Calvinball Podcast

3. Listen to the Digi Scrap Geek Calvinball Podcast

4. Calvinball Blinkie in your signature

5. Admit to non prepping for Calvinball

6. First to post a layout in the 2015 Calvinball gallery

7. Binge watching an entire TV series during the month of March

8. Starting a diet and/or exercise routine during Calvinball

9. Participate in a live webinar

10. Participating in a Calvinball related podcast

11. Hosting a crop or teaching a class or hosting a challenge

12. Taking the lead in the forum

13. literally dust off your scrap supplies so you can use them.

14.Change your main Scrappy total and points total to bold red in the stats post

15. Being an international participant (i'm international to them ha!)

16. installing a font management program and getting it working

17. replenish a critical supply like adhesive, cardstock, printer ink, or cutting blades

Meeting Calvin Ball Goal

18. do some rearranging in your scrappy space

19. attend the gis march crop

20. you actually cropped curing the gis crop

21. reaching your calvinball goal!

22. share a photo of the current status of your crafty workspace

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#91542 Calvinball for Dummies

Posted by doris sander on 05 March 2015 - 08:07 PM

not imply that anyone here is a dummy, far from it! but there are those yellow how to books, so . . .


and i probably should have posted this last week, but no time, no time!  at least we'll have it for next year, right?


some of you might be feeling a little overwhelmed/confused at this point.


here is the way i approach calvinball:


first off, the two main points to calvinball are to have fun and be productive.  keep that foremost in your mind while deciding how to play.


which leads to the second thing.  you have to decide for yourself how to play.  the rules are elastic.  that is the essence of calvinball.  there are no prizes, there's no declared winner.  there are only bragging rights and friendly banter.  and fun!  so if it's not fun or friendly, move on.


i am not a purist like celeste.  i do like to earn a few bonus points.  my personal ratio is to try and keep my "real i actually made something" points to at least 33% of my total points (usually i end up at just 25%, but it's good to have goals).  second i focus on the publicity and team building points.  i think it's important to support debbie's site in any way i can and i think it's important to build up my fellow scrapbookers.  then i have fun with the challenge points.  i don't try to get every single point possible for every layout.  once or twice i may try to deliberately create a layout that gets me an obscene amount of points because that is fun.  it's not fun every single time though.  then it becomes work without a purpose because i'm not actually producing much of anything and it's tedious.  i tend to use the challenges as prompts, going in and grabbing a new one that appeals to me and using that as a starting point for my next project.  i might use something like the st. patrick's day theme more than once because it appeals to me this time of year and helps me get projects done that i want to do this time of year.  i wouldn't generally use the handwriting rule on every layout i make because i use my own handwriting on every layout i make and that's kinda boring to me.  but then, this is just how i view the game.  some ideas for you to ponder.  make your game stretch as you will.


here is how i keep up with my own points.  i basically just keep adding new bonus points to the bottom as i use them.  everyone comes up with their own format, but if you're new to the game, i have found that this works for me:


***note: this is our first time doing a leaderboard and it is VERY helpful if you keep a running tally of your GRAND TOTAL and your SCRAPPY POINTS at the very top of your stats post.***




scrappy points: 7.5

layouts - 1

pocket pages - 1

mini-album pages - 0

art journal pages - 0

mini art journal pages - 0

decorated planner pages - 1.5

cards/tags - 4

craft projects - 0


publicity points: 4

blog - 1

instagram - 1

facebook - 1

twitter - 1

pinterest - 0


bonus points: 11

podcasts - 2

return player - 1

blinkie - 1

st. patrick's day motif - 2

companion page - 1

3+ photos - 1

blog post for journaling - 1

scrap food - 1

3+ pages from kit - 1


a note on adding rules:  anyone can suggest rules.  most are added.  negative points are never written into the rules.  multiple points for one thing are rarely (go ahead and read never) added.  generally it's one point per.  it's just simpler that way.


once you've played for the first time, it is fun to try to beat your own record the next year.


this is all i can think of to help you in your enjoyment of the game.  if you have any questions, please ask!  play on!  :)

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#90590 Designer Digitals has Paypal

Posted by Gennifer on 23 February 2015 - 06:03 PM

I cannot lie - I love big thumbnails!

I. Like. Big. Thumbnails and I cannot lie. You otha brothas can't deny.
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#102640 Man, I Love Calvinball!

Posted by jumpgate on 05 March 2017 - 12:53 PM

I am having a LOT of fun! And getting tons of pages done! And using up stuff... and Just loving it all!

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#103022 Talking Smack here

Posted by ladyofthelake318 on 22 March 2017 - 11:07 PM

I was about out of "current" photos, but we've been going through a bunch of stuff in the garage and I brought in some old photos.  I am LOVING scrapping my babies (and even from before) -- they'll be 21 and 27 in July this year, so it's been fun reminiscing.  This jumpstarted my mojo, along with a birthday weekend that I could claim as my own selfishly without any guilt whatsoever :-)  I was shocked to be on the leader board (even if it was #9).  Two years ago, when I first found Calvinball, I had a heart attack on Mar 2 and got nothing really done.  Last year, I don't remember what was going on, but I was busy and had abandoned it by this time.  This is my year, though!  And I'm having a blast.

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