Scrapbook Layout Design

If you want to tell your story well, you need strong scrapbook layout design. To tell a story well, present it in a way that grabs the viewer and conveys what this story really means: you  capture the viewer’s attention, control the eye’s movement, convey information, and evoke emotion.

And just how can you do this? Of course with your photos and journaling — but also with an understanding and use of basic design elements and principles. Get that understanding with our free e-class AND with all the lessons linked up below.

Design Principles

Elements of Design. Design elements are the basic building blocks of visual design and include: • Space, • Line, • Shape, • Size, • Pattern, • Texture, • Value, • Color. Click for an introduction to elements of design.

Design principles. Design principles are the rules for putting the basic blocks together well and include: • Emphasis, Dominance, • Contrast, • Balance, • Alignment, • Flow, Movement, • Repetitions, Rhythm. Click for an introduction to design principles.

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