Ideas for Scrapbook Layouts from Events, Travel, Everyday Life, other Topics

Scrapbooking travel is different from making scrapbook layouts about events or everyday life. We’ve got  scrapbooking ideas and story angles for these and more.

How you get your photos into photo albums and onto scrapbook layouts is influenced by their content.

Your approach to scrapbooking photos from events will be different from that used for everyday life photos or all-about-me shots.

While the volume of photos from an event is often substantial and the challenge is efficient culling, selection, and planning for multiple pages, everyday life scrapbooking may mean making a page with just one or two photos.  Consider the following types of pages and check out our resources related to each. Plus, you’ll get great ideas for scrapbook pages you didn’t even realized you’d want to make.


A substantial portion of your photos are probably from events: birthday parties, vacations, school ceremonies, holidays, park outings, family hikes, travel. We all like to record these happenings—and usually by taking more than one or two photos.

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Everyday Life

These pages are about scrapbooking your around-the-house, hanging-out-with-friends, recording-the-garden’s-progress kind of photos. These photos can be the hardest to get your arms around. They aren’t associated with a holiday or event and don’t always lend themselves to chronological organization.

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Scrapbook Yourself

Yes. You really should get yourself scrapbooked–the basic facts as well as your feelings, habits, achievements and outlook on life. And do it now because some of this stuff is going to change, and this chance won’t come again.

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One Month at a Time


Each month we challenge you to capture the previous month of your life. You get a sketch and worksheet with seasonal prompts. These pages can stand alone in an annual or be included in with all of your pages.

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Quotations and Word Art


Stuck for a title or journaling? Need an embellishment? We’ve got themed quotations and have put lots of them into printable wordart for your pages. Fortune, gratitude, summer, gardening, love, new starts and more.