You have a story that is unfolding every day–unlike anyone else’s–and you can tell your story with a combination of writing, pictures, and visual design on scrapbook pages. See our scrapbooking ideas below for writing your story, picturing your story, and even designing your story.

Write Your Story

You can take a multitude of angles for telling your story from using the format of a letter to responding to journaling prompts. You can use tried fiction writing structures and and work through story coach classes.

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Picture Your Story

Planned or impromptu photos, photos from your phone your camera or the internet are all great sources for telling your story. What’s more the way you crop and edit your photos will contribute to how you tell your story.

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Design Your Story

Design Your Story | Get It ScrappedIntegrate your written story with photos, color and motif and you can tell a story that sets tone and even evokes emotion before the first word is read.

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