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Scraproom with a View

pdf, 84 pages, by Doris Sander

Find inspiration and original ephemera for your scrapbook pages from the rooms of your home.

This class takes a rich and surprising approach that will give you new ideas and a new attitude about your own scrapbook page titles, journaling, techniques, materials, and even page subjects.

What we bring into our homes says a lot about us.

In “Scraproom with a View,” you’ll be digging deep into the nooks and crannies of your home in search of journaling and page design inspiration as well as surprisingly perfect ephemera to decorate your pages.

Each “Scraproom with a View” lesson focuses on a specific area of your home.

Begin with journaling prompts to get your thoughts focused on how you live there. After the deep thinking portion of the lesson, go on a scavenger hunt in search of inspiration and delightful bits and pieces of fun to use on your layouts. Doris shows the process she uses to pull inspiration and embellishments from her home and then incorporate them onto the page using solid design principles. AND, finally, you’ll get a “Use It Now!” challenge in every lesson to get you started on your own creation.

Eight beautifully illustrated lessons cover:

  • Lesson 1: True Confessions from the Kitchen Cabinet
  • Lesson 2: Road Trip (head out to your car & garage)
  • Lesson 3: Closet Creations
  • Lesson 4: Creative Gardening
  • Lesson 5: Grandma’s Attic
  • Lesson 6: You’ve Got Mail
  • Lesson 7: Welcome to the Lion’s Den
  • Lesson 8: The Guestroom


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Stamping 101

pdf, 78 pages, by Sharyn Tormanen

Understand stamp and ink types, and use positioning, masking, embossing, and filling techniques skillfully.

You have no idea how much you don’t know about stamping until you see how much Sharyn Tormanen does know about it.

Basic stamping skills are  a key tool for cardmakers, scrapbookers, journalers, and many other crafters. The supplies for stamping require substantial investment, and Sharyn knows how make this investment in an economical way that builds a solid collection.

Sharyn developed her stamping skills and techniques while designing for stamping companies Close To My Heart and Technique Tuesday. In this class, she shares a wealth of important information information and techniques. In addition to covering the basics of supplies and stamping techniques Sharyn includes many tricks that not-so-new stampers will appreciate.

Geared for the beginner, but packed with enough tips and secrets to delight an intermediate stamper, the lessons in this class will have you eager to add stamping to your layouts and projects.

Each of the 6 lessons includes a step-by-step tutorial as well as multiple examples of finished products using the featured technique.

You’ll come out of Get It Stamped 101 understanding how to use and choose from a variety of stamps and inks, make good impressions, use masking techniques, fill your images, and do basic embossing. Think that sounds simple? Take a look at the class outline and see just how much Sharyn has ready to share.

LESSON 1: Stamps

  • Choosing the right stamp
  • Making a good impression
  • Caring for your stamps
  • Storing your collection

LESSON 2: Inks

  • How to choose the right ink (including dye ink, pigment, chalk, versamark, staz-on)
  • Using/purchasing tips
  • Caring for your inks
  • Storage tips

LESSON 3: Positioning

  • Clear Stamps
  • Wood Stamps
  • Stamp and Punch/Trim
  • On a Circle
  • Within a Grid
  • On a Line

LESSON 4: Masking

  • Simple masking
  • Sentiment/Title
  • Layering the mask
  • Masking tape/Line
  • Using the negative

LESSON 5: Filling the Image

  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Inks
  • Paper Piecing

LESSON 6: Embossing

  • Basic embossing
  • Embossing with pigment ink
  • Embossing a bold image
  • Embossing detail
  • Emboss resist


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Scrapbooking Travel and Vacation

pdf, 53 pages, 31 page sketches + layered templates for digital pages by Debbie Hodge

Sketch bundles, story plans, and color strategies for scrapbooking vacations, big and small

Chronicling your travels on scrapbook pages allows you to relive the trip even when you’re back home.

One of the biggest challenges to getting vacations scrapbooked is the large number of photos a trip may yield. Scrapbooking  Travel & Vacation, you’ll get:

  • strategies for organizing and culling travel photos;
  • a page planner and approaches for telling several kinds of travel stories;
  • color strategies (not schemes, but strategies for coming up with schemes); and
  • sketches. (The sketches come in bundles with 6 sketches per bundle, and 5 bundles total. Each bundle of sketches provides design unity while giving the variety you need to scrapbook varying numbers and types of photos.)
Lessons cover:
  1. Weekend Getaway
  2. On Tour
  3. Being There
  4. Road Trip
  5. Themed Destinations


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Scrapbooking with Fabric

pdf, 115 pages, by Tania Willis

Get ideas and techniques that will have you reaching for fabric instead of paper for touchable and meaningful pages, cards, and projects.

Push the boundaries of your creativity as Tania shows you exactly how to reduce, reuse, and recycle castoff fabrics.

These lessons are packed with detailed instructions and great ideas for adding fabric to your layouts.

Even if you think you “know” fabric, you will find new ideas for using it on your pages and projects in this class. Work with needle, thread, stiffeners, inks, stablilizers, adhesives, and even crayons!

6 lessons cover:

  1. In Raw Form: focusing on the basics of fabric shopping, appropriate adhesives, and incorporation of fabric onto your pages in raw form–without any extra fuss.
  2. Perfectly Polished: focusing on a variety of ways to stabilize fabric, substitute it for paper, and give it a a polished look that brings it center stage.
  3. Embellish It!: focusing on embellishing with fabric, making fabric embellishments, and recycling clothing.
  4. Ink it Up: focusing on ways to alter your fabric with ink, stamps, glitter and more, including tips on printing photos on fabric.
  5. Once Upon A Time: focusing on ideas for incorporating meaningful fabrics as memorabilia on your layouts and recycling appliqués and embroidery segments from clothing.
  6. How Do You Do?: focusing on ideas for creating fabric greeting cards and envelopes that are suitable for mailing.

Download this class today–we promise you’ll come out on the other side with an increased knowledge of all things textile, the confidence to start shopping for supplies in the fabric store, and plenty of new ideas.


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Be Real

pdf, 72 pages, by Debbie Hodge.

Make scrapbook pages from your everyday life and

Each lesson begins with a line from one of Jane Austen’s novels or personal letters–and this is because she is a writer who knew how to make a record of (imagined) life with humor and meaning. Her techniques and observations are a goldmine for memory keepers and memoirists today.

Take your everyday life and event photos beyond the obvious.

We know that apples can be sweet and crunchy, and if we see a photo of someone at the orchard biting into one, we make that connection without being told. What we don’t know is that the high-schooler in the photos had to be begged to come along on the outing.

Let your photos show the obvious. Use your journaling to tell us what we don’t know. Use your design choices to create a mood that supports and expands upon the tone of your subject and stories.

Tell truths that matter.

A huge part of scrapbooking has to do with managing memories—with adding to the narrative that is your life. We tell ourselves our stories, and then we tell other people our stories, often with changes. These stories can be entertaining, self-serving, inspired. They can change depending upon when in your life you tell them. But somewhere behind these stories is something called the truth.

Scrapbook pages that matter are working to get at and record some pieces of that truth—with an understanding of where the diarist-archiver-storyteller behind the message (you!) is in life right now.
Be Real includes:

6 illustrated lessons cover:

  • Discovering Meaning
  • Revealing Character
  • Getting  Perspective
  • Avoiding Sentimentality
  • Telling Stories
  • Expressing the Inexpressible


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Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade

pdf, 101 pages, by Tania Willis

Ideas and techniques for making your own embellishments and saving money.

The embellishments Tania teaches are not JUST fun, unique, and beautiful: their cost is a fraction of what you’d pay for ready-mades. You’ll make flowers from fabrics, felt, dollar store finds, patterned paper scraps, buttons and brads. Tania will take you through the process of paper piecing, making the ever-popular epoxy buttons, your own journaling spots and much much more!

Learn to select and prepare your materials for beautiful results and maxium yield. Tania  doesn’t want you wasting any bit of your supplies. Additionally, her crafting instructions show novices exactly how to proceed while revealing new tips and tricks to the more experienced crafter.

Embellish scrapbook pages, clothing, accessories-anything you want. Tania will even give you tips for projects you can tuck into your purse and work on while you’re waiting at appointments. These lessons immediately get the mojo flowing and the ideas popping.

Work with textiles, dollar-store finds, chipboard, buttons, brads, inks, papers, diamond glaze, watercolors, and more. Use techniques that include: masking, hand-sewing, texturing, painting, glazing, stamping, and imagining your own original embellishments.

10 lessons cover:

  • All Things Textile
  • Embellishing with Felt
  • Epoxy Buttons
  • Paper Piecing
  • Embellishing Buttons
  • Pleated Rosettes
  • With Thread and Needle
  • Paper Posies
  • Dollar Store Finds
  • Medallions and Journaling Cards


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Cards: Beautifully Handmade

pdf, 105 pages, by Tania Willis

Never be without a card again. Use up your scraps and make greetings that will touch the hearts of your friends and family.

Postal service regulations to envelope ideas: Tania covers everything you need to know about making and sending cards–beginning with USPS postal regulations for size and shape of standard cards vs. non-standard cards, moving on to unique folding techniques, and then getting funky with envelope décor that is sure to make your recipient smile!

The unexpected value in this class is that Tania shares with you her creative process and formula for QUICKLY making LOTS of cards that are all DIFFERENT. It’s her “secret formula” – that won’t be secret to you any more.

Learn a diverse range of card making techniques in these 6 jam-packed lessons. Improve your card making skills and increase your stash of ‘ready to be used’ cards for every occasion along the way.

6 lessons cover:

  1. Basic Card Making: focusing on the basic sizes of card making, deciphering envelope sizes, basic US postal regulations, and making envelopes from templates. Also, tips and ideas for how to make your cards look beautifully finished inside and out.
  2. It’s in the Fold: focusing on a variety of folding techniques, including, but not limited to: gatefold, accordion folds, flip and folds, and gift wrap fold.
  3. Staying in Shape: focusing on shaped cards for all occasions, including holidays/birthdays.
  4. Getting Edgy: focusing on cards with unique edges (i.e. wavy, scalloped, rounded, etc.)
  5. Clearly Spoken: focusing on cards with transparent qualities (i.e. cards from transparencies, cards with vellum overlays, using acetate recycled from embellishments for peek-a-boo cards)
  6. All Tucked In: focusing on ideas to jazz up the envelopes–inside and out–that your cards are being mailed in.



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Page Pizzazz 101

pdf, 86 pages, by Doris Sander

Apply solid design principles and use your stash to make scrapbook pages you’ll love.

With lessons called “Speaking with Patterned Paper,” “Mood, Ribbon, and Borders,” and “Symmetry, Pens, and Doodling,” you might guess (very correctly) that this is a class to take you in deep.

Doris Sander ties thorough looks at specific products to relevant design principles–and then she comes up with challenges that push you to make pages with a major WOW factor.

8 lessons illustrated with layouts and technique how-to shots cover:

  1. Theme, alphabets and masking
  2. Mood, ribbon and borders
  3. Speaking with patterned paper
  4. Symmetry, pens and hand journaling
  5. Texture, dimension and fabric
  6. Embellishing homes and metal mania
  7. Shape up
  8. White Space, rub-ons and painting

Read what Doris’ students say about these classes.

Her lessons are chock full of information. I have read each one several times and find something new every time. -Andi

I wouldn’t hesitate to take another of Doris’ classes. She has a fun, fresh approach that is accessible to both new and seasoned scrappers alike; there isn’t a class where I haven’t learned something new, or been inspired to scrap. -Keitha

Doris has an amazing balance between the logical “left brain” and the creative “right brain”… both in her layouts and her teaching! She is able to take an analytical, almost scientific approach to the design of a page, and team it up with wonderfully playful embellishing to create layouts that work on many levels. And her class setup and challenges are both structured and FUN! -Nikki

After I read one of Doris’ lessons, my head swirls with ideas! Her design lessons remind me of good principles to apply while I work; her ideas and examples inspire me to be more creative and to add just a few more touches that will complete my layout and give it something special. I can’t wait to take her next class! – Candace

I love that Doris provides a fresh approach not only to design, but to the use of scrapping materials. The beauty of the pages are not the items on them, but the memories captured. -Alex

I used to be a random scrapper and never thought about my design elements and their placement. Doris’ class has taught me how to purposefully arrange these elements to be more than eye candy–to create a framework that upholds and honors my photos, journaling, and the reality of why I scrap… the memories! –Amy


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Page Pizzazz 102

pdf, 90 pages, by Doris Sander

Apply solid design principles and use your stash to make scrapbook pages you’ll love. (part 2!)

Doris Sanders describes her scrapbook style as “structured freestyle.” In other words — her pages look like a hodgepodge of fun but are, in fact, built on a solid design foundations.

“It’s sometimes a decision between millimeters,” says Doris of her scrapbooking process.

Work alongside Doris, and experiment with three aspects of the creative process –theme, design foundations, and attention to detail–as you use your stash and make polished and meaningful scrapbook pages

8 illustrated lessons:

  1. Theme and Mood Revisited, Chipboard and Playing Dress-up
  2. Placement, Fibers and Stitching
  3. Harmonious Color and Journaling Spots
  4. The Rule of Thirds, Specialty Paper and Stenciling
  5. Typography, Stickers and Spray Inking
  6. Alignment, Acrylics and Melting Plastic
  7. Girls and Boys, Icons and Masking Tape Masking
  8. Rhinestones, Sequins and Storage Solutions


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Scrapbook Everyday Life

pdf, 111 pages, 24 layered templates by Debbie Hodge

Prompts and approaches for recording those everyday moments that are the essence of your life.

Scrapbook pages that capture your everyday life are the stuff of an anthropologist’s dreams AND the stuff that will trigger long forgotten memories for you, your friends, and your family in future years.

In Scrapbook Everyday Life, I walk you through all the little lanes that are everyday life, sharing prompts for what to scrapbook as well as approaches for getting a new look at the commonplace.

7 lessons cover:

  • lesson 1: everyday life – the big picture
  • lesson 2: everyday life at home
  • lesson 3: everday life with friends and extended family
  • lesson 4: the everyday life of *you*
  • lesson 5: everyday life incidents and epiphanies
  • lesson 6: your everyday places
  • lesson 7: local outings in your everyday life

Class includes 24 page sketches with layered templates for Photoshop.

In addition to everyday-life focused topics, I cover some biggies when it comes to scrapbooking everyday life: taking and organizing photos, understanding and finding your material, writing meaningful stories, and getting everything onto the page efficiently and beautifully (every lesson covers a different aspect of everyday life and includes at least three sketches).


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Page Details

pdf, 110 pages, by Doris Sander

Master the details and polishing techniques that give your page meaningful unity and a “wow” factor.

Surprisingly, it’s the smallest details that can have the biggest impact on your designs. In this class you’ll polish your scrapbook pages and take them from fine to fabulous.

8 illustrated lessons cover:

  1. Icons revisited, quotable quotes and covering chipboard
  2. Powerful punches, between the lines and playful paper piecing
  3. Foundational pieces, happy handwriting and outstanding outlining
  4. Spectacular stamping intense heat embossing, and hidden journaling
  5. Border bonanza and making lists
  6. Lovely layering, floral fun and captivating conversations
  7. Polishing with tags, tabs and glitter, and journaling by chunking
  8. Polishing with beads, sequins and pins, and stream of consciousness journaling

With specific ideas and design lessons for using the following product types and techniques:

  • icons/covering chipboard/quotes
  • stamps/embossing/hidden journaling
  • frames, photo corners, parenthesis/outlining/handwriting
  • punches/paper piecing/lines
  • borders/border punches, deco scissors/lists
  • layering/flowers/conversations
  • tags, tabs/glitter/chunking
  • beads, pins, sequins/sequin stitching/stream of consciousness



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