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ideas and instruction on scrapbook design & storytelling

>> for both paper and digital scrapbookers <<

Something you already ownyour personal scrapbooking styleis the tool that can make creating more efficient and artistically satisfying.

Join us Jan 15-19 for this special five-day event! 

"Style is Leverage" provides the lessons, worksheets, and direction for you to understand your style and start using its full power.

This class is designed for quick actionable results. At the end of Style is Leverage, you will:

> understand your story style and
your design style

> know how to leverage your aesthetic preferences and personal talents for efficient and successful creation

> have a personalized set of completed worksheets that you can use with the lesson challenges to push your storytelling skills and artistry



Here’s what students in the past sessions of this class

 I liked the way the lessons guided me through analyzing my scrapbook pages to determine my style. I am fairly new at scrapbooking so my scrapbook pages are all over the place as I try new and different things on each page trying to find my style. Using the lessons I was able to pinpoint what styles are most pleasing to me. I like the challenges in each lesson that encourage going a little beyond what you are doing right now to grow in your style. I was empowered by the Masteries & Frustrations Lesson. The Process Lesson is perhaps the most helpful lesson of all. Learning the different processes for working through a scrapbook page taught me there is an orderly way to get from start to finish whether I start with a story/photo, a technique, a composition/design, a product or a page element.

– Janet K.


 the five-day "Style is Leverage" agenda 

Each day you'll receive:
A short, actionable pdf lesson with worksheets for defining and leveraging your scrapbooking style, video lesson, access to a live event with guest designer (and recording after). 

Mon, Jan 15 
Story style.

9am ET pdf and video   |   3pm ET live webinar (recording provided after)

This session presents examples of story styles and a worksheet for drilling down on your story style. To go with your story style discovery, you’ll get specific steps for leveraging your current story style and developing–or even pushing–it, if that’s your desire.

At the webinar event, guest designer Tracey Fox shares her story, aesthetic, compositional and process styles as well as the masteries she leverages and the frustrations she avoids.

Tues, Jan 16
Aesthetic preferences.

9am ET - pdf and video   |   12 noon ET - live webinar (recording provided after).

This session’s worksheet gets you figuring out what you like in color, motif, shape, texture, mood and more. Specific steps for working with your aesthetic preferences to be more efficient and creative as well as for taking your style new places once you know these things are in the lesson.  

At the webinar event, guest designer Lynnette Penacho shares her story, aesthetic, compositional and process styles as well as the masteries she leverages and the frustrations she avoids.

Wed, Jan 17
Real estate allocation.

9am ET pdf and video   |   7pm ET live webinar (recording provided after).

This lesson presents more practical questions that are key to having a style you can leverage. From your approach to cropping photos and arranging them on the page to your concern (or lack of concern) with design principles, you’ll see what works for you, why, and how to make it work even better.

At the webinar event, guest designer Jennifer Davis shares her story, aesthetic, compositional and process styles as well as the masteries she leverages and the frustrations she avoids.

Thurs, Jan 18
 Masteries and frustrations.

9am ET pdf and video   |   1pm ET live webinar (recording provided after).

What are you good at and what just stops you in your tracks when you’re creating scrapbook pages? From color selection to pattern mixing to technique, what you do well is a key part of your style. Understand how to leverage your masteries and even push your style when you capitalize on them. Because your style needs to be workable, understanding frustrations is as important as knowing your masteries.

At the webinar event, guest designer Jana Oliveira shares her story, aesthetic, compositional and process styles as well as the masteries she leverages and the frustrations she avoids.

Fri, Jan 19

9am ET pdf and video   |  2pm ET live webinar (recording provided after).

This lesson gets at drivers of your style that have to do with getting the work done — from product to workspace to order in which you approach the tasks of making a page. Use the worksheet to define your process style and then actionable ideas for leveraging your process style.

At the webinar event, guest designer Hannah Lemieux shares her story, aesthetic, compositional and process styles as well as the masteries she leverages and the frustrations she avoids.

I liked the diversity of styles represented throughout the week. I liked how you broke down and explained the elements of style. You are a master at helping us all become better in our own styles, rather than merely presenting something for us to copy. I found the worksheets helpful in identifying my own elements of style.  I loved it. Period. I am learning so much from all of the classes, but this event is in my top 3 favorites.

– Sara

5 "Start-Here"
Learning Tracks

5 Learning Tracks take you from beginning designer to savvy visual storyteller. 2 dozen short videos teach the basics and advanced techniques of design, give you inspiration and starting places, and show you how to have fun with this craft.

New Classes and Live Webinars
Every Month

Every  month is a new class that teaching layout design and scrapbook page storytelling. Monthly live webinars with guests take you into new areas of memory keeping, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and creative planning.

Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks
& Theme LookBooks

45+ eBooks on focused design and page-part topics like color, embellishing, style, photos, story, tension and much much more. They are beautifully designed and full of layouts made by an ever-changing team of guest designers. Read on computer or mobile devices or print out these high-resolution beauties.

200+ Page Sketches & Layered Templates

An ever-growing library of page sketches and layered templates for Photoshop is searchable by number of photos. Designs are based on designer pages made for the Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks and the Scrapbook Coach stepped-out lessons.

Video Interviews & Critique Sessions

Over 280 recorded interviews and office-hours/critique sessions are designed to inspire and instruct, getting you inside the creative process of our teachers and members.  It's the opportunity to see designing minds at work. New webinars and office hours sessions are added regularly.

Scrapbook Coach Video Lessons

22 classes with 88 video lessons teach you to start with a  common page foundation and then shake it up to make great-looking scrapbook pages efficiently. You work one page shape multiple times, with variations in product and patterned paper choices, number of photos, and title and embellishment treatments. You become skilled — and fast — at designing pages that tell your stories and pack a visual punch.

Your guide, host, and teacher for "Style is Leverage"

I’m Debbie Hodge. I have an MBA with a concentration in operations management, and I’ve studied creative writing for over 20 years. I’m passionate about recording memories with image and words and sharing approaches for doing this well. For the last 10 years, I’ve owned and taught at Get It

I’ve worked with over 70 designers in the scrapbook industry, including recording over 280 hours of interviews with them. The result is an understanding of style, the many forms it takes, and its ability to give anyone engaged in creative pursuits leverage — leverage to create with efficiency and art. I write the lessons, create the videos and conduct the LIVE interviews during the 5-day event, “Style is Leverage.”

Style is Leverage 2018
a 5-day special event at Get It Scrapped
IT'S OVER . . . BUT . . . 

New classes are added to the Get It Scrapped membership every month

your scrapbooking style is your leverage...

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Say hello to our LIVE "Style is Leverage" Guests... 

Each day we'll work with a guest designer to find out how they discovered their personal styles and we'll get their tips for devleoping your own scrapbook page style! Our guest teachers are: Tracey Fox, Lynnette Penacho, Jennifer Davis, Jana Oliveira and Hannah Lemieux

I loved it. I didn’t think I had any style at all, but you were right. I do have one. I learned something in every lesson. Keep bringing us the wonderful events please. I visit Get It Scrapped almost every day and even before I check email.
– Karen Coffee

Enjoyed it all, particularly the thought-provoking questions in the handouts. They made me actually think about why I do it the why I do. Enjoyed the meetings, they were light and fun; got insight to other designers.
– Carole Karras

I really enjoyed this approach, having the pdf, the video and then a live webinar. When joining in on the webinars I felt like I was actually sitting in a classroom each day listening to awesome designers talking about their approach to making a page.
– Bev Schweppe

 I loved it, it has been my favourite class yet. It has helped me realize that I hate cutting alphas out of alpha sheets and keeping track of supplies and I realized what I am good at, what I do enjoy – the photos and stories.  
– Stefanie Semple

 Keep the great content coming! My GIS membership has been worth every penny.
– Kristan Wun

 Absolutely LOVED it! I loved the wealth of information and the way it was delivered
– Cara

 I am loving and learning so much! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who contributes to making this one of the best scrapbooking investments I have made. I don’t know why I ever hesitated to join.
Cathy R.

 Thanks for all the amazing classes you bring us. They just keep getting better and better. And thanks for the opportunity of learning from the best teachers. I absolutely love Get It Scrapped
– Niurka

When style is understood and well-used it becomes the long bar that lets you flip a boulder (or get a stack of photos scrapbooked) without breaking a sweat. 

If you’re like me, there are stories about your daily life, your traditions and travels, and even a few ah-ha moments that you want to remember–and, thus, that you want recorded with images, words or both. 

When you finish making pages you love, do you prop them up on the table for a few days? Or share them online? Or add them to your smartphone wallpaper?

The ideal scrapbooking practice is one in which you:
>> enjoy the time spent creating 
>> while making pages with the stories that matter to you 
>> and getting visual designs that you love.

And, of course, you want to keep the time spent creating from being so lengthy and exhausting that it creeps into those hours when you want to be living your life and making more memories.


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