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A major benefit of the Get It Scrapped membership is the opportunity to participate in and listen to  regular interview and critique sessions. Members can attend live and contribute to the conversation -- and/or they can view a recording (and even chat logs) afterward. Right now there are over 250 recordings in the library--all searchable by topic and guest (60+ different guests). 

I am always excited to get email from Get It Scrapped because it always contains something great – announcement of a webinar, ideas for making pages, design concepts or a new class. I usually save it for last like you would a treat. You do a fabulous job with the Membership products–well, actually with everything: customer service, the webinars, just everything. The new Look Book is phenomenal! I can only imagine the hours you put in linking up all the designers with their videos and pages. I think long and hard before making buying decisions and I have always felt I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth at Get It Scrapped. – Janet K.

I just want you to know how timeless the podcasts are. Granted, some of the products may be dated as trends come and go but the basics just don't change! I have been rewatching some of the older interviews/office hours and the content is all still so relevant. As I have told you before, GIS is such a great deal and I'm proud to be a member. You rock, Debbie!

-Cathy Roark

a Get It Scrapped Membership includes

Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks

You get 40+ eBooks on focused design and page-parts topics like color, embellishing, style, photos, story, tension and much much more. The books are beautifully designed and full of layouts made by an ever-changing team of guest designers. Read on computer or mobile devices or print out these high-resolution beauties. Each is accompanied by several webinar recordings interviewing the contributing teachers.

Scrapbook Coach Video Lessons

20 classes with 80 video lessons teach you to start with a  common page foundation and then shake it up to make great-looking scrapbook pages efficiently. You work one page shape multiple times, with variations in product and patterned paper choices, number of photos, and title and embellishment treatments. You become skilled — and fast — at designing pages that tell your stories and pack a visual punch.

Video Interviews & Critique Sessions

Over 250 recorded interviews and office-hours/critique sessions are designed to inspire and instruct, getting you inside the creative process of our teachers and members.  It's the opportunity to see designing minds at work.

150+ Page Sketches & Layered Templates

An ever-growing library of page sketches and layered templates for Photoshop is searchable by number of photos. Designs are based on designer pages made for the Masterful Scrapbook Design eBooks and the Scrapbook Coach stepped-out lessons.

Learning Tracks | Motivated & Efficient Scrapbooker

The first track, "The Motivated & Efficient Scrapbooker" is a much expanded version of the free series. This is also our newest approach to delivering training,  with a goal-driven paths through the BIG library of materials including checklists, your own saved notes areas, quickquides, and linked threads in the forum for community sharing and work.

Easy-to-use Online Classroom with
Built-in Checklists

Find what you need in a snap. Plus keep track of your progress and plan future work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

GIS Membership not for you? Let us know in the first 30 days and we'll refund your purchase.

everything is downloadable | everything is accessable in an easy-to-use classroom | no risk with 30-day-money-back guarantee

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