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Scrapbooking past times: online resources for jogging your memory

by Debbie Hodge spurring your memory for scrapbooking past times Are you ready to scrapbook your younger years, but unable to remember specific details? Maybe you’re working on “all about me” pages or a “book of me” and just trying to get scrapbook page subject ideas by remembering incidents. The first few lessons in our Scrapbook […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #11: Routines

consider yourself: How Do YOU Do It? Look to your behavior to find material for scrapping yourself: Begin with your habits and routines around daily life—from what you like for breakfast to a look at the errands you run regularly. Chart out a typical day. Think about how long it’s gone this way, what it […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #9: Your Stuff

consider yourself: your stuff OK . . . so it’s hard to find quotes and inspiration about scrapbooking material possessions. Almost anything quotable notes that material possessions are not what bring happiness. I get that. As a former business student, I also get that much of us in the world live in capitalist economies, which […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #8: Friends and Other Folk

consider yourself: friends & other folk who are they? Think about the many people with whom you interact: Who are the (non-family) people in your life–the ones you’ve chosen (or who’ve chosen you) to spend time with? Do you have friends for different parts of your life? Work friends, neighborhood friends, mommy friends, hobby friends? […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #7: Work

by Debbie Hodge This is number 7 in an 11-part series full of ideas for making scrapbook pages about yourself. consider yourself: work Without labor nothing prospers.  -Sophocles It could be paid employment, personal gardening, home keeping, raising children, volunteering or any number of things, but almost every one of us does some work. For […]

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Scrapbook “Your” Story #6: You and Family

by Debbie Hodge This is number 6 in an 11-part series full of ideas for making scrapbook pages about yourself. consider yourself: you and family In this session we’re talking about scrapping YOU and family. On other pages you can present the stories of your family members, but here, take some time to think about […]

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