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Scrapbook “Your” Story #3: The Early Years

consider yourself: the early years (childhood, adolescence, & teen) The material of your first 18 years could probably generate several full albums. If that seems like an overwhelming idea to you, you’re not alone. I agree. An approach that is manageable (and that I would argue is best for the viewers of your scrapbooks) is […]

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“Origins” includes several photos of the land I grew up on.

Scrap “Your” Story #2: Origins

consider yourself: where are you from? Do you think of yourself as coming from a place, a people, or perhaps a culture? It’s probably a mix of all of these things, the combination of DNA, experience, and the purposeful shaping that our elders impart. who are the people you’re from? Think about the people you […]

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JOURNALING: prefer work to exercise (& even to play) * the only TV I watch (for the most part) is Guiding Light and anything on MSNBC * love politics, Alice Munro stories, Merle Haggard songs * an introvert after 30 years as an extrovert * prefer yardwork to housewovrk * worry about bats * not sentimental but compassionate & tolerant * got moodier after 37 * like to be prepared for big things, but not so much the little things (i.e., dinner) * small number of friends * don’t like talking on the phone * don’t hold grudges * willing to say sorry but not so willing to change my ways * love writing, blogging, picture-taking, scrapbooking * let my youngest son fall asleep in my bed at night * creamy pasta dishes rock * chocolate is good, too * ambitious and competent * love my childhood home and drive the 350 miles there frequently * worry about Neil’s health and yet have confidence he’ll be ok because he’s so competent (and maybe because I’m hiding my head in the sand) * like being on the road with the boys * don’t like shopping, in fact go to extremes to avoid it * don’t mind being disliked anymore and willing to face conflicts * never going to walk out on anyone or anything again * rarely listen to music these last few years and prefer quiet * turning into a hermit * believe in being kind and never “hitting anyone where it hurts” * enjoy doing math homework alongside my oldest son and then comparing answers * Sudoku, too! * not as obsessed with hair as my husband says I am *

Scrap “your” story #1: you now

by Debbie Hodge In celebration of Get It Scrapped’s 2nd birthday, we’re running “Scrap Your Story” free for the next 11 weeks. This is #1 in a series of 11 lessons about scrapbooking yourself. Look for a new post each Tuesday. Check back on March 9 for a lesson on scrapbooking your origins. Come on […]

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