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Win a spot in Ali Edwards’ “Hello Story”

I love telling stories — and getting inspiration to find and tell new ones–which is why I’m looking forward to Ali Edwards’ Hello Story. It’s an online class that starts in a couple of weeks and goes through the summer and into September. ***Drawing is closed. Dianne M is the winner. Thanks all for sharing […]

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The Art of Conversation: Transform Your Scrapbook Journaling Through Dialogue

by Myra Cherchio One of the simplest, yet most engaging ways to transform journaling into a colorful and vibrant story is through dialogue. Incorporating words of others, along with your own, captures the nuances in your relationships and adds richness to your stories. Over the years, I have documented dozens of conversations. In many of […]

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Scrapbook page journaling: justification that strengthens design

by Debbie Hodge Justification is all about how you’re going to line things up—or, rather, align them. Read more about alignments in Strengthen Your Scrapbook Page Design with Alignments. left-justified journaling Sometimes I left-justify my journaling. Actually, left-justification of my journaling is what I do most frequently. This is the arrangement those of us who […]

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Story Forms for Scrapbook Pages: Tell a Slice-of-life Story

Writing story journaling is different from writing journaling for scrapbook pages that address a subject like “Piano playing in my life,” “My Favorite Place,” or “On Vacation in DC.” Scrapbooking a story means telling about a particular event (which may take place in few minutes or over a longer period of time). In this telling […]

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How to write with narrative and scene in your scrapbook page journaling

Narrative tells and summarizes while a scene puts the story of the page right on the stage, with concrete details, movements, and even dialogue.   narrative Take a look at the journaling in “Our Shelby.” It is written in narrative. Narrative is writing that tells and summarizes rather than putting subjects “on stage” speaking and/or […]

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