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Translate Creative Displays Into Scrapbook Inspiration | Scrapbook Page Sketch by Amy Kingsford

Translate Creative Displays to Scrapbook Design Inspiration | Part 2: Study How the Parts Work Together

by Amy Kingsford Part 2 |  Study how the objects in the display relate to one another. Looking at the individual elements in a display and considering how they work together with regard to placement, alignment and proportion is another great approach to translating creative displays into striking scrapbook page designs. Take time to consider […]

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14 Scrapbookers Lift Their Own Scrapbook Designs and Show You How

Scrapbook design inspiration is closer than you think. Our creative team tells you how they go about lifting their own pages, and they share their advice for making your own scrapbook pages this way. “The great thing about lifting yourself is that you have a guide for a solid design right in front of you,” says […]

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March of the Gnomes

3 ways to create focal points on scrapbook pages

by Debbie Hodge A successful scrapbook page captures the viewer’s attention, controls the eye’s movement, conveys information, and evokes emotion. That first task–capturing the eye’s attention–is the work of making a focal point. And how to you create a focal point? There are three approaches to making something stand out and catch the eye. 1. Create a focal […]

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Do your scrapbook pages do these 4 things?

by Debbie Hodge A successful scrapbook page: captures the viewer’s attention controls the eye’s movement conveys information, and evokes emotion. Each of these ends can be achieved in a variety of ways, all of which include getting your page elements (photos, journaling, title, and embellishments) onto the canvas using a knowledge of design principles and […]

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Blurring the line between photo and canvas adds design oomph to your scrapbook pages

by Debbie Hodge Memory keeping is about preserving and presenting photos in ways that tell your stories. When you can do that clearly and with appeal you’ve got a page to love. Challenge yourself to tell a story by blurring the line between where the photo ends and canvas begins. Here are 5 ways to […]

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laundry fairy

Make stand-out scrapbook pages with unconventional product and design choices

by Amy Kingsford Unconventional product and design choices can yield scrapbook pages that grab the viewer’s eye and keep it. Read on for rule-breaking ideas that will challenge the way you think about design, color, supplies and stories on your own scrapbook pages. “I Can Do This“ by Kayleigh Wiles 1. Color outside the lines […]

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7 Ideas for using ephemera on your scrapbook pages

by Debbie Hodge The word “ephemera” is used for everyday documents that were intended for one-time or short-term use. Ephemera isn’t necessarily vintage. Current memorabilia, like the program from a concert you recently attended or the thank-you note from a friend, are ephemera. Have you thought about including postcards, gum wrappers, tickets, maps, labels, paper […]

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4 ways to make visual triangles on your scrapbook pages

By Doris Sander If you’ve read Debbie Hodge’s recent article, “Tap the Power of ‘3’ for Your Scrapbook Designs,” you know that three unifying elements can make a powerful statement on a scrapbook page. Take a look at the layouts here as I share thoughts and ideas  for using the three points in the visual triangle to bring balance to […]

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