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Tap the power of “3” for your scrapbook page designs

by Debbie Hodge The stability of threes The human mind likes things that comes in threes: three coins in a fountain, three-ring circuses, and Goldilocks’ three bears. Speech coaches, writers, and comedians all understand that ideas presented in threes are more easily understood and remembered. Consider: William Shakespeare’s “Friends, Romans, Countrymen . . .” Abraham […]

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5 composition approaches to try on your scrapbook pages

by Debbie Hodge Wondering how to add a little something different to the next scrapbook page you make? Try building a page based upon one of these five ideas. 1. Incorporate a curved line into your composition Dina Wakley says, “Continuance is a Gestalt principle that means that our brains like to follow lines. When […]

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4 Ways to Use Patterned Paper on Scrapbook Pages

Patterned paper was my scrapbooking “entry drug.” It’s the product I check out first when I’m shopping for supplies. It’s the product I choose first when I’m making a page. Check out these ideas for incorporating patterned paper into your scrapbook pages. 1. Use patterned paper as a backdrop for your scrapbook page Using patterned […]

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12 Ideas for Using Patterned Paper Strips on your Scrapbook Pages

By Doris Sander Patterned Paper is a beautiful, versatile, and inexpensive scrapbook product. One of my favorite ways to work with it is to cut or tear the paper in strips.  Once you see how many looks can be achieved with them, you’ll understand why working with strips never grows old. An added bonus is that […]

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What is your scrapbook page foundation?

by Debbie Hodge When I speak of your page’s foundation, I’m referring either to some kind of underlying grid structure, or the first one or two layers you put onto the page and then build from. That first element (or layer) is what connects the other elements to the background canvas. It affects the placement […]

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