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Scrapbook Page Design: Asymmetrical Balance

by Debbie Hodge What is asymmetry? Asymmetry means “without symmetry.” Nothing is mirrored or centered. You could have an odd or mismatched number of differing elements. Designing with an absence of symmetry, does not mean there is not balance. Since there is no formula for asymmetrical balance, you must achieve it by sensing whether it […]

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Scrapbook page journaling: justification that strengthens design

by Debbie Hodge Justification is all about how you’re going to line things up—or, rather, align them. Read more about alignments in Strengthen Your Scrapbook Page Design with Alignments. left-justified journaling Sometimes I left-justify my journaling. Actually, left-justification of my journaling is what I do most frequently. This is the arrangement those of us who […]

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