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5 Ways to Get Computer-Printed Journaling On Your Paper Scrapbook Pages

By Paula Gilarde If you’re not a big fan of your own handwriting, or if you just prefer the look of typed journaling, here are 5 ways to get computer printed journaling onto your scrapbook pages–without a wide-format printer. 1. Use printed tags or journaling spots. Pre-printed tags or journaling spots don’t have to be […]

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How to use journaling strips to rock your scrapbook page design

Art journaler and scrapbooker Dina Wakley says , “Eighty-five percent of my journaling is on strips. Strip-journaling is easy and visually cool.” Read on for 5 ways to use journaling strips to rock your scrapbook page design. On “He’s a Fan” Dina used a series of 7 journaling strips to hold the story of her […]

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The Art of Conversation: Transform Your Scrapbook Journaling Through Dialogue

by Myra Cherchio One of the simplest, yet most engaging ways to transform journaling into a colorful and vibrant story is through dialogue. Incorporating words of others, along with your own, captures the nuances in your relationships and adds richness to your stories. Over the years, I have documented dozens of conversations. In many of […]

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Scrapbooking with Perspective: your place in someone else’s life

by Debbie Hodge This is the second in a series on scrapbooking pages with perspective. The first article in this series (Consider opposing points of view) introduces this idea and shares one way to do this. Here is yet another approach. Think about the bigger picture of your subject’s life – move beyond how it […]

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How to handwrite in shapes on your scrapbook and journal pages

by Michelle Houghton Sometimes, for something fun and different, I like to write my journaling in shapes—not just in a circle but spiraling around the edge of a circle or other shape. It isn’t practical for reading—the reader always ends up upside down and backward trying to read around the loops—but it adds a fun […]

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How to make circle journal spots for your scrapbook and journal pages

by Michelle Houghton OK, I love these little guys!  I love the frame the circle creates around my journaling.  Circles will come in at the end of the steps but grab a scrap piece of paper first and do some practicing. You know what I’m going to say: “Get your elbow off the table.” With […]

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Design Principles for the Scrapbook Page: Lesson #10 Journaling and Design Principles

This lesson is about your scrapbook page journaling–and getting it onto the scrapbook page with smart use of layout design principles. Click here to open Lesson 10. What are your typical approaches to incorporating journaling on your pages? Do you have favorite techniques  for rendering and placement? Is there anything new here you might try? […]

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Story forms for Scrapbook Pages: Tell an Ah-ha! Story

by Debbie Hodge The “ah-ha!” story form In the “Ah-ha!” story, someone (probably you) comes to a new realization (aka epiphany). This could be a realization about other people or about self. It could be a realization about the past or a new understanding of current life. The easiest and (probably) most successful telling of […]

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