How To Make Easy Scrapbook Pages: Use leftover chipboard packaging for a quick page foundation

Cindy Liebel used leftover chipboard packaging for a quick foundation with dimension and lots of “compartments” for holding patterned paper, photos, and embellishments. Make your own easy scrapbook page just like Cindy’s using the 5-step formula we’ve shared below.   How to make this layout Begin with text-print paper for a base with visual texture. […]

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Drop Shadow Tips and Tricks for Your Digital Scrapbook Pages

This lesson from Celeste Smith first appeared as a part of the membership class “Oomph and Polish.” For that class and many more, join us.   by Celeste Smith As a beginning digital scrapbooker, I didn’t understand or see the value of shadows. Actually, I was quite intimidated by them and rarely used them. I look back at […]

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3 Scrapbook Page Stories You Can Tell with a Venn Diagram | Get It Scrapped

Video Blog | 3 Scrapbook Page Stories You Can Tell with a Venn Diagram

Scrapbook page storytelling is visual storytelling, so why not turn to currently popular infographic design, including Venn diagrams, for inspiration? In this video blog by Christy Strickler, we share ideas and inspiration for using venn diagrams as a storytelling tool on your scrapbook layouts. Click here to see the original blog post with designer notes here.

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Use a Known Phrase as Metaphor for Your Scrapbook Page Story

Known phrases are often metaphors that can represent your story: from “time flies” to “back in the saddle.” Our creative team uses not only the words in one of these metaphorical statements, they also visually illustrate this metaphor of this scrapbook page storytelling. Check it out and take away ideas for your own pages.   […]

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5 Liftable Scrapbook Page Ideas from 1 Layout by Jill Sprott

It’s the accumulation of well-chosen and carefully crafted details that create a masterful scrapbook page. Check out 5 details on “Destination Unknown” by Jill Sprott (shared in a recent GIS Membership special event) and see if one or two of them can inspire scrapbook page ideas for your next page. Jill’s page is about her daughter’s difficult […]

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Scrapbook Ideas for Paying Tribute to Men and Women Who Serve

Do you have family and friends who have served your country or even your local community keeping it safe? Our Creative Team shares their pages–and offers you inspiration–for scrapbooking service men and women in the military, veterans, police officers, fire fighters, or anyone else who plays (or has played) a part in keeping their country safe. […]

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