How Solid Design Skills Make Scrapbooking Easier: Contrast

The design principle of contrast tells us that there should be obvious visual differences between the elements on your page. What’s more, contrasts will draw the viewer’s eye and add interest and variety. Check out a short video lesson on contrast below and then see how our Creative Team incorporated contrast into their own pages. This video lesson […]

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How to Re-Engage With and Finish A Stalled Scrapbooking Project

A project started with optimism and energy stalls. It happens to all of us. So how do you re-engage with a scrapbooking project “gone stale?” Our Creative Team share their approaches to getting that  stalled project restarted and finished. Marie Pierre-Capistran says, “Last year I started a Project life album that was supposed to cover […]

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How to Make Easy Scrapbook Pages: Pair Black-and-White Photo with Washi Tape Block

Use this 7-step formula to make easy scrapbook pages. Amanda Jones paired one black-and-white photo with a same-sized block of washi strips and mounted the two on a shared mat. Amanda says, “I knew I wanted to use this silly photo of my son on a simple page, highlighting some of his quirky personality traits. I added […]

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Scrapbook Ideas for Top-Heavy Designs

The latest Get It Scrapped Membership class–Scrapbook Coach #21–includes four video lessons walking students through the making of four “top heavy” designs. A “top heavy” design uses elements with substantial visual weight at the top of the canvas–something that doesn’t seem intuitive for getting balance. There are, though, ways to support a top-heavy design, and our […]

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