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Membership materials and newer Get It Scrapped “add-on” classes are in the MEMBERSHIP area. Older classes (going back to 2008) plus Story Coach and Your December Story (which have interactive components) are in the separate classroom area. If you’ve ever got questions, ask.

Since 2008: Get It Scrapped praised for depth, attention to detail, and forward-looking approaches.
I am BLOWN AWAY by the volume of content in the members area, and the quality of the class materials is so fantastic. Thank you for everything you do and for keeping memorykeeping and storytelling alive. – Julie Cannon
With all that I’m learning I will definitely be a life-long member of GIS. I have been valiantly searching for some place that will teach design, and I finally found it in GIS. Thank you for teaching me how to take my scrapbooking to the next level. – Laurie Cashen
Debbie, Thank you so much for all your efforts to make this a great learning and creative experience. What I have always valued so much in your classes and website is your sincerity in wanting to help us learn what will make us better scrappers and enjoy doing it. -Marcia Deignan
I have enjoyed this hobby for many years (actually ten) but it has only been in the last year of consistent participation in the webinars that I have really grown in my design and ventured beyond the lift. Thank you. – Sue Mealiea

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