Ideas for Creating Hand-Drawn and Hand-Painted Patterns to Use on Your Scrapbook Pages

The popularity of travelers’ journals and planners has been driving many a memorykeeper to start creating their own hand-drawn images. And those images often lend themselves to a repeating pattern. In this gorgeous and original blog post, our team shares their fresh approaches to making hand-drawn and hand-painted patterns for their scrapbook pages. Marcia Fortunato […]

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Video Blog | 4 Places to Find Scrapbook Inspiration Under Your Own Roof

Inspiration truly is EVERYWHERE–including right under your very nose! We accumulate hundreds of mementos and objects throughout our lifetime. As such, our own homes are natural places to begin the search for scrapbook page inspiration. In this video blog by Christy Strickler, we’ll explore ideas for how you might translate that inspiration to your scrapbook […]

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Scrapbook Ideas for Creating Pages with Rich Layers

Scrapbook page layering has a number of design and storytelling benefits: 1. Layering adds visual interest 2. Layering adds texture and dimension 3. Layering allows you to shape interesting white space 4. Layering gives you the opportunity to incorporate meaningful images and motifs 5. Layering lets you reveal your personal style 6. Layering is a […]

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How To Make Easy Scrapbook Pages: Use leftover chipboard packaging for a quick page foundation

Cindy Liebel used leftover chipboard packaging for a quick foundation with dimension and lots of “compartments” for holding patterned paper, photos, and embellishments. Make your own easy scrapbook page just like Cindy’s using the 5-step formula we’ve shared below.   How to make this layout Begin with text-print paper for a base with visual texture. […]

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Drop Shadow Tips and Tricks for Your Digital Scrapbook Pages

This lesson from Celeste Smith first appeared as a part of the membership class “Oomph and Polish.” For that class and many more, join us.   by Celeste Smith As a beginning digital scrapbooker, I didn’t understand or see the value of shadows. Actually, I was quite intimidated by them and rarely used them. I look back at […]

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