Ideas for Visual Storytelling with Unexpected Juxtapositions of Product and Technique

Tension is an important element in making something beautiful, including scrapbook layout designs. Including an unexpected juxtaposition is one way to create tension. Creative Team member Karen Poirier-Brode reported on trends last year after attending a Pantone Trend webinar and one of the upcoming trends had to do with juxtapositions, things like “spiky hair with formal wear” […]

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5 Liftable Scrapbook Page Ideas from a Layout by Ashley Calder | Get It Scrapped

5 Liftable Scrapbook Page Ideas from a Layout by Ashley Calder

It’s the accumulation of well-chosen and carefully crafted details that create a masterful scrapbook page. Check out 5 details on “Tea for Two” by Ashley Calder and see if one or two of them can inspire your next page. Ashley says, “Ruby Sky, probably like most little girls, loves playing tea party. And her big sister […]

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Visual Storytelling with the Reflective Story Style

Your best scrapbook pages reflect a storytelling style–your preference for certain kinds of stories and your way of telling them both visually and with words. We defined and illustrated 10 different story styles in the Story Styles LookBook that’s a part of the Get It Scrapped membership. One of those styles is the Reflective Story Style. The […]

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Ideas for Using Designer Art and Font Bundles for Your Digital and Hybrid Scrapbook Pages

Designer bundles like those at The Hungry Jpeg offer up a big selection of fonts and digital art at a heavy discount for a short time (usually a month). Over the last year, many of the scrapbookers spending time at the Get It Scrapped forums have linked up bundles they love and gotten more of […]

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Ideas for Scrapbook Page Storytelling with A Fairy Tale Style

Even as technology advances change our daily lives, the appeal of Fairy Tales grows. See this influence in fashion, and in the continued line up of fairy tale stories at the theater. Try using color, motif, and styling inspired by fairy tales to give your next scrapbook page fairy-tale charm. Marie Pierre Capistran says, ” This page […]

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