This photo from a summer day at Grandma's has no particular story but it's definitely worth getting onto a scrapbook page.

Organizing Everyday Life Photos

Everyday life photos are those that aren’t necessarily associated with an event or holiday. They can be broad in scope and don’t always lend themselves to chronological organization. When you’re trying to figure out how to scrapbook them, a great approach is to find ways to group them that lend themselves to corresponding pages. Try […]

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A scrapbook page recording how my house looks on a typical messy day.

Scrapbooking Everyday Life

The photos that go onto everyday life scrapbook pages have a great variety. Figuring out how to organize and scrapbook them requires a different approach from that you might use to scrapbook photos from defined events like parties and holidays. The challenge in everyday life scrapbooking is to decide how to present photos that can […]

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Organizing Photos

The first step in learning how to scrapbook is getting your photos in order. Storing your photos in a chronological and hierarchical order will help you know what you have and find the photos you want when you want them for making scrapbook pages and albums. As you take photos, cull close duplicates, photos of […]

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Amy Kingsford

Hi There! My name is Amy Kingsford and I have lived all of my life in Northern Utah. I am married to the funniest man I have ever met and am a mother to two very silly, but beautiful little boys, who inspire most of my scrapbook pages! I first became interested in scrapbooking at […]

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