Tami Taylor

Hi, my name is Tami Taylor! I am a former Michigander who recently relocated from a small farm town to the large and wild city of Las Vegas. This is very reflective of my style that bounces from easy and simple to overly decorated. I have been keeping books of my favorite stickers, books of […]

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Dina Wakley

Dina lives in Glendale, AZ with her husband and three sons. She started scrapping in 1995 when her first son was 6 months old. Her scrapbooking took an artsy turn when she discovered mixed media collage. Now she dabbles in scrapbooking, mixed media collage, visual journaling, and encaustic art. Dina has kept a journal since […]

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Doris Sander

Doris grew up just six miles from the ocean on the gulf coast of sunny Florida.  After college her dormant gypsy blood surfaced and she began her wanderings; she has lived in Guatemala, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Honduras.  Her vagabond ways were tempered when the little guy came along.  Gabriel is her world and life […]

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Jana Morton

Jana lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota with her husband Jeff and three children Elliana, Amelia and Quinn.  She has scrapbooked for as long as she can remember but her passion for scrapbooking went to an entirely different level once she had children.  Jana scrapbooked for many, many years using traditional paper but is now enjoying […]

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Katrina Kennedy

I love taking photos. I love capturing my everyday life — the small details and the big events. Just having my camera in hand makes me happy! I’ve taken pictures for as long as I can remember but really began to care about improving my skills when my son was born. I turned my camera […]

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Scrapbook page parts: photos

In the vast majority of scrapbook pages, photos are a key element. They vie with journaling for being the most important aspect of the page. Taking photos Before You Press the Shutter: Four Ways to Improve Your Photography 5 tips for scrapbookers on taking everyday life photos Ideas for scrapbooking retro photos and memories from […]

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Scrapbook page parts: embellishments

Think about racing stripes on a car, earrings on a woman, roses on china. Each of these are embellishments. When it comes to scrapbook pages there are a variety of embellishment choices — you can use strong images, themed stickers, or even buttons. The embellishments in “Neighborhood Contender” are not themed but they’re chosen to […]

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Scrapbook page parts: canvas

the canvas The canvas is the piece of paper (or digital background) upon which you build your page. For me, thinking about the canvas means thinking about how I will fill it and what role it will play in the page’s design. This is really my favorite part of making scrapbook pages. There’s no prescription […]

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