Scrapbook Album and Page Formats

A first decision to make is what size paper you’ll use as your page canvas. And that decision will probably be driven by how you want to print, store, and present your scrapbook pages. If you’re making “paper” pages (i.e., you’re affixing photo prints–and, perhaps, mats & other elements–with adhesive to a cardstock base VS […]

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Supplies for Paper Scrapbooking

To make a scrapbook page you will need the following basic supplies. You can buy these at your local scrapbook store, your local craft store, or an online scrapbooking store. 1. Paper Trimmer and small scissors. You’ll need something to cut your paper and photos with. Start with a trimmer like this Fiskars Trimmer that […]

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Tania Willis

More than a few days without being creative or creating some form of artwork and I get ants in my pants. The creative itch, I like to call it. Once you get to know me, you’ll see that I scream Type A personality and I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive. Which means I can’t sit still. My […]

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Trish Turay

Trish Turay lives in N. Ridgeville, Ohio with her investment banker husband and three amazing children—Jami (9), Evan (6) and Griffin (3). She started scrapbooking formally during her first pregnancy 10 years ago and hasn’t turned back since. She left her teaching job of 13 years when she was pregnant with her last child, and […]

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Debbie Hodge

I’m the owner of this website and the author of “Get It Scrapped” published by Memory Makers Books. My first online classes were based upon the chapters of my book (Scrap Your Events, …Your Everyday Life, …Yourself, … Your Travel). I love working with the teachers here to develop and offer their classes.

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